However selfish this might sound, take care of your mind body and soul before thinking about helping others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ignore or neglect family and friends but it’s crucial to our wellbeing to take care of ourselves. After all, there is only one of you. Once you are well equipped you’ll be able to support people. If you’re not looking after YOU, then how can you possibly help anyone?

You see, you’ve just got to equip yourself first then other things follow.


At the foot of mount Vesuvius Italy 2019

Eat, sleep, laugh, love, cry, play hard, work smart, sing, dance, travel, read, write, join a cause, drink water, exercise, save, de-clutter, recycle, change your mind set, spend your time in a meaningful way, hang on to good family members and friends, dispose of all things TOXIC, take risks, forgive as soon as and make a positive contribution to the planet.

‘Kindness isn’t a weakness neither is silence.’ 

Actions always start from the mind so guard your mind because people will always and I stress always try to take advantage of you, manipulate and play mind games with you. DON’T LET THEM! Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert always speak up at the right time! Practise saying NO in a diplomatic way.

But hey, there are genuine people out there. Practise discernment then look out for them.

Use your 2020 vision to make positive choices and follow your path not anyone else’s.

Avoid drama, antagonists and negative people whose aim is to sap every bit of your energy. Don’t trust people 100 % because they can disappoint. But trust your gut/intuition.

Always ‘fact find’ i.e. find out the facts before believing a story. Lies are the enemies weapon and if you believe lies you are just as guilty as the liar.

Hang around people who build you up and share your dreams, i.e. friends and family who will check in with you when life gets tough.

Avoid schemers and naysayers. Watch out for anyone tuning in to your happiness.

From experience compromising your happiness for anyone else’s doesn’t work. Guess what? Yep, you said it. Make yourself happy!

You’ve just got to be assertive and enjoy this new decade along the way!

Make 2020 a year of growth because you are not a victim. You don’t need to restrict or deprive yourself. Did you know you’re a winner? You’ve survived the last year and decade regardless of challenges and trials.

Go on, live life to the max. Dump those obsolete habits and needless rituals. Turn over to the next chapter. Now is the time to live.

So step up to the next level!

What’s your vision?

Happy 2020! Happy New Decade! Take it away!





I’m Bola, and I just love writing words! Addicted to creating motivational quotes, sharing my lifestyle, travel writing/blogging and light hearted tips. From time to time I’m also involved in copywriting projects as well as other writing styles.