Dont look back

Don’t Look Back!

Don’t look back

When the storm’s finally over

Don’t look back.

When the Lilly droops over

And your head drops over

Don’t look back.

When one door closes

And you’ve got nothing but Roses

Don’t look back

When life gets tough

Add the smooth to the rough

But don’t look back.

If you fall to the ground

Get up and look around

But don’t look back

When you’re down and out

And can’t figure things out

Don’t look back

                                            When life knocks you down

    And there’s no one around

Don’t look back!

By Bola at

14th July 2019


I’m Bola, and I just love writing words! Addicted to creating motivational quotes, sharing my lifestyle, travel writing/blogging and light hearted tips. From time to time I’m also involved in copywriting projects as well as other writing styles.